We are a retail, marketing and media practice, established in 2015 to help brands, investors, SMEs and start-ups to transform their marketing effectiveness; proudly supported by a carefully orchestrated consortium of likeminded specialist partners in the North that delivers truly integrated solutions together.

Lean, fast and agile, we deliver in days what most agencies take weeks to deliver, without the headache, overheads and lack of commercial and operational focus.




We strip back every business into its constituent parts, interrogating its current route to market and the contributions from marketing operations to revenue generation and profit.



We develop practical structures, minimum viable processes and marketing activities to improve overall marketing effectiveness, whether it be via digital channels or not.



We seek to guarantee a return on investment within a pre-determined and finite point from activation, which can be independently verified.
We never hit and run.

STARQRMARQ means Starker Impact

a clearer and simpler route to better marketing effectiveness.

WE STAND FOR intelligence, instinctive spirit and freedom.

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